About Me


ShonTe Denise Smith, 27 years old born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey graduated from Barack Obama Academy a high school for "At Risk Youth" after being told she wouldn't succeed Class of 2011. With determination, drive and persistence ShonTe has defeated the odds and continues to motivate, encourage and inspire children, young adults, and women to follow their dreams despite the obstacles they may be faced with. 

For two consecutive summers ShonTe has taken volunteer trips to both Central America and Africa, developing relationships with students along the way and recording the process for a documentary she directed titled "When I Grow up Project". Smith has been acknowledged locally and nationally for making a difference in the lives of her city’s youth through her movement.  


ShonTe is currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education while enjoying motherhood. Her son Malcolm named after the honorable Malcolm Little is the inspiration for Baby Steps Boutique. "I realized that it takes a village to raise a child and I want to be apart of that village for mother's everywhere because I understand the importance of it".


ShonTe has never let life or obstacles stop her from doing what she loves and helping others and her mission to continuing to uplift women and mothers around the world through her testimony and humanitarian efforts.

Message From Our Founder

"Motherhood is a process, a journey and a major adjustment. One day you wake up and you have someone who loves and depends on you...FOREVER!  I’m sure every mother can agree that as beautiful as that sounds; it's overwhelming. And adjusting to our new lifestyles requires us to take baby steps because no one masters motherhood overnight. Do you want to know the secret to turn your baby steps into giant leaps of faith? A community of mothers there to remind you that YOU ARE A PHENOMENAL MOTHER. 


Baby Step Boutique LLC was created with that goal in mind. If we share our resources and spread love to one another we can form a sisterhood of women who work together. We are using the method of putting baby clothes in the hands of mothers who need them because we want you to have one less thing you have to worry about. 

Baby Steps Boutique is not only a free online resource to receive and donate gently used baby clothes but we are a sisterhood and the more love we spread to each other through our generosity, the more love we can spread to our children. Welcome to our village!

- ShonTe Smith