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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baby Steps Boutique?

Baby Steps Boutique helps serve mothers by placing gently used clothes in the hands of those who need it. Baby clothes can get costly and they are often only worn one or two days because babies grow so fast. This mission is to ensure that baby clothes do not go to waste but go to being a part of another mother’s journey.

Are the baby clothes free?

Yes! All baby clothes are free.

Where does Baby Steps Boutique get the baby clothes from?

With the help of networking and social media, the Baby Steps Boutique team will meet and or be connected to mothers who have baby clothes they would like to donate. Clothes will be first shorted through to checked for quality and then washed to ensure freshness.

Do I have to pay for shipping and handling?

Recipients of Baby Steps Boutique do not have to pay for shipping. However, if you are donating baby clothing the donator is responsible for shippng and handling if items are being mailed. (Please see our "Donate" page.)